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Hey, Music Lovers!  Are you bored with the current music scene?  Are you tired of all of the bands out there that have no particular sound or style that sets them apart from the rest?  When you listen to the radio, does it sound like every band is playing the same song?  If so, you have come to the right place!  This site was created to introduce you to the best new band to hit the music scene in years!
Course of Nature is the hard-rockin' band from Enterprise, Alabama that is currently taking the music world by storm!  CON's debut album "Superkala," was released earlier this year, and contains ten hard-hitting, original tunes that will keep you on the edge of your seat!  Their single "Caught in the Sun," is being played by most of the major radio stations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and CON is quickly becoming a Texas favorite!  You can hear "Caught In The Sun," and check out the video, by clicking on Audio/Video.

Course of Nature is:

Mark Wilkerson:  Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

John "Fish" Mildrum:  Lead Guitars, Bass Guitar

Ricky Shelton:  Drums, Background Vocals

They don't just sound good! They look good too!!!